COMP6219: Design Usable & Accessible Technologies - SOTON - S1 17/18


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Overview of Digital Accessibilitylecture1.pptxPPTX
Usability, Accessibility and User Experiencelecture2.pptxPPTX
Introduction to Digital Accessibility/usability skills through Open Educational Platformslecture2b.pptxPPTX
Synote Making Multimedia Accessiblelecture3.pptxPPTX
A Day in the Life… How to use Personas to improve Accessibility and Usabilitylecture4.pptxPPTX
Accessibility / Usability standards: Introduction to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0)lecture5.pptxPPTX
Web application accessibility & ARIA,lecture6.pptxPPTX
Assistive technology in practicelecture7.pptxPPTX
Accessible Documents and Presentationslecture8.pptxPPTX
Cognitive Impairment - Usability and Accessibilitylecture9.pptxPPTX
Framework for Testing Web Accessibility – Part 1lecture10.pptxPPTX
How and where does Accessibility fit into Software Engineering Methods?lecture11.pptxPPTX
Business Case for Accessibilitylecture12.pptxPPTX
Localisation of assistive technologies for different countries, languages and cultureslecture13.pptxPPTX
Developer’s Perspectivelecture14.pptxPPTX
Accessibility and Mobile Technologieslecture15.pptxPPTX
Framework for testing web accessibility Part 2lecture16.pptxPPTX
Designing for Adoptionlecture17.pptxPPTX
Evaluating user experience and questions on course assessmentlecture18.pptxPPTX
Open Source Developmentlecture19.pptxPPTX


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