Welcome to my academic website.

In this website, you will find all of the documents of my undergraduate studies that have been hidden in my Google Drive. You will find all the information about all of the courses that I’ve taken and some information about me.

An unusual academic website

This is not a usual academic website. It is more of a diary of all courses I’ve taken during my undergradute and graduate studies.

What about teaching and/or publications?

I have no teaching experience nor any publications. I might never publish any articles in the future nor even teach. It is still unknown.

What is this website for then?

The main purpuse of this website is to publically post all academic material information related to my degrees online. It should not be kept private and it might help someone online.

What won’t be inluded?

Any copyrighted material won’t be included. This includes but is not limited: eBooks, scientific papers, etc…

You have upload a file that belongs to me (or company/organizatoin), how do I take it down?

I fully make sure that I don’t upload any copyrighted content on my website. If I have uploaded by mistake a file that belongs to you, please send an email to [email protected].

For more info

You may contact me on this email: [email protected].